3D-2drug In-house Portfolio

3D-2drug focuses on emerging opportunities for creative and rapid drug discovery. Most often, these are (X-ray) structure based targets. They impact on a broad spectrum of disease areas. In the recent past, the advancements in solving X-ray structures for membrane bound proteins has opened a floodgate of new opportunities for the many important drug targets they impact. Our portfolio then naturally reflects these findings. Thus, our targets and experience include, but are not limited to, GPCRs and transporters. In both of these areas, X-ray structures have provided powerful opportunities for drug discovery. Our scientists have been at the forefront of these developments. With the first ligand based GPCRs published X-ray structure in 2007 (beta2-Adrenergic receptor), our scientists published the first deployment of structure based methods in this area and we, and many others, have continued to work and publish in this area. With the recent (May 2016) first publication of a human endogenous amine transporter, hSERT, we have again embarked on research in this area. (See our publications for examples and reviews of the above.) Similar in-house work is underway with soluble protein targets.